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Website design


Sage Recruiting has been a niche in the tech industry, believing in understanding technology on a deeper level. More than recruiters, they strive to create a relationship with individual candidates, understanding their short and long term career goals and working with them for what is the best fit for them. 

My first task at ecentricarts: create a brand for recruiters that they can wear proudly, that resonates with their core believes in being a bridge between candidate and employer.


UI/UX Design


The aim of the project was to create a modern and simplistic brand. How might we convey the idea of recruiter and candidate in one wordmark?

Through different concepts, a spark of inspiration of “filling in the missing piece” came up. It is about building a bridge between employers and candidates. We have created an incomplete wordmark . It is more obvious in areas such as the “A” and “E” where the letters are in different stages of completion. Also, the logo gives a subtle nod to developers & engineers, through the type treatment of the letter E.  to represent lines of code, tying it back to the tech business Sage focuses on.


The personality of this brand sould be inviting, positive, a sense of connectedness. We have decided to to use a combination of warm and cool colours to balance the primary colour of cyan. The addition of close-up candid photography creates a personal vibe that will connect with candidate’s dream working culture.


Through the use of an organic layout and friendly copy, we have created an inviting enivornment for potential candiates to find their next dream job. The overlapping visual elements give a natural feel to the site and also represent the bridging connections Sage offers. The copy has a warm and positive tone which empowers candiates.  Through directly addresing candiates in a conversational voice and providing postive affirmations, the site instils confidence and trust for the audience to recruit/search for a job for a client and candidate.
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