Bloor & Better

A retail shopping mall website


Manulife Centre is a unique retail/commercial destination located at Bay & Bloor in Toronto. This shopping centre offers anything from fashion, groceries, to entertainment, it is a place where people can get their everyday errands done all in one place. This property is also home in a residential rental apartment. The challenge is refresh the identity and help drive traffic to the retail space.


UI/UX Design


To express the idea that Manulife Centre offers anything from buying grocery, shoe shining, dry cleaner, pharmacy, movie, fine dining, workout, etc. The brand needed a dynamic statement to capture all these ideas, thus Bloor & Better is born. Using the “&” matching any two things are limitless: Pretty & Practical, Form & Function, Above & Blond, these are just some example we can use this and continue a unique branding.


In the beginning, both the retail and residential website need to live in one website. Creating a coherent experience is a must, and designing the architecture so toggling back and forth takes as little effort as possible. In order to drive more traffic in the retail space, creating an online presence is key. Using social media and a blog that lives on the website offers customer insight on their retailers and suggestions on what to purchase depending on the time or year and holiday events.
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